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Ki insurance will be launching for the start of 2021, if you would like more information

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We are excited to share our journey with you as Ki develops over the coming months.


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What is Ki?

Ki insurance is the first fully digital and algorithmically-driven Lloyd’s of London syndicate offering instant capacity, accessible anywhere, at any time.

Broker centric

An experience-led user interface designed around the needs of Brokers makes Ki the easiest way to get capacity

Instant line, every time

Ki always offers you a line when it follows a policy accepted by Brit, or by Ki’s nominated leaders

Data driven

Ki uses data to help make better pricing decisions and gives Brokers data to help them make better decisions on their portfolio

Bionic brain, human heart

Ki may be digitally underwritten but has humans at its heart. Brokers are only ever a click away from a member of the Ki team

Trusted capacity

World-class technology powered by Google, capacity supported by Lloyd’s chain of security and turnkeyed by Brit

Accessible anywhere

Ki is available 24/7, on-demand and on-the-go on your laptop or mobile

The Ki story

This is our chance to redefine what great looks like.

Where technology opens the door to new opportunities and closes another on how things used to be.

So let’s replace archaic processes with ones fit for the 21st century.


Where data is accessed in an instant and the market is accessible anywhere. Let’s embrace solutions that lead to better service and build on the trust that sits at the heart of our industry.

It’s time to plan for a better future, confident in the knowledge that, even when the unimaginable happens, our clients are protected; a certain future in an uncertain world.

This is our chance to start again, to remove the orthodoxies, to create a new normal.

This is our chance to give our clients confidence through security and to start a new relationship with technology.

In a world where risk is seamlessly matched to capital, we can all focus on what really matters. That’s our vision, risk simplified.


But this is just the beginning. To be great we need a mindset that says good is never good enough because if we stop moving forward, we get left behind.

So, what does great look like? 

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